Tuesday, February 2, 2010

50 sewing projects in 2010

I joined a group from a forum I frequent, where we have to try to make 50 sewing projects in 2010. This is just what I have been looking for, with everything that has gone on the past couple of months I have let my sewing slide.

The rules are:
  • No sewing the same thing twice (well you can make more than one but it still only counts as one project)
  • At least 10 of these MUST be using recycled fabric
  • You must make at least 10 things for yourself
  • Attempt at least 8 new techniques
  • Use no more than 10 bought patterns

My list so far:

1.1.Wallet for me DONE
2.Ipod cozy for Holly (sister) DONE
3.Felt food
4.Minky chain for Jacob DONE
5.Cubby House
6.Dress for Montana
7.Sleeping Bag for Jacob
8.Cat House for Sherbet DONE
9.Quilt from Montanas baby clothes
10.Bed Mat DONE
11.Felt Mr potato head
12.Yo Gabba Gabba Shirt for Jacob
13.Mama Pads
14.Baby legs for Jacob
15.Sock Monkey for Jacob and Montana
16.Mario Quilted Pillow for couch
17.Organiser for Montanas play kitchen
18.Reversible bag for Montana DONE
19.Duck Puppet with baby duck finger puppets DONE
20.Green sacks
21.Shopping bags
22.Felt Hairclips
23.Easter Egg Basket
24.Peasant skirt DONE
25.Floor Cushions
26.Cat Toy for Sherbet
27.Bath Toy Bag
28.Eye spy pocket bag for Montana
29.Mouse Pad
30.Quiet book
31.Corset for me
32.Sleeping eye mask for me
33.Hat for Jacob
34.Cushion for inside Sherbets house
35.Fisherman Pants DONE
36.Match Me game DonE
37.Teepees for Montana and Jacob
38.Travel chair thingo DONE

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