Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mama Pads

The first time I bought nappy fabrics I also got a scrap pack, which had some really beautiful PUL and Minky in it.

I know they are not for everyone but I made heaps of breast pads and also mama pads.

I didn't have my snap press when I made these, so they have sew on snaps and also have bamboo fleece as the absorbent layer.

I haven't used them though but I keep reading about how great they are.

First Snapping Nappy

First Snapping Nappy

I got up early this morning and couldn't go back to sleep, so I cut out some fabric, waited for a decent hour to start up the sewing machine and sewed my first snapping nappy.

I just used some leftover cotton from Jacobs flag bunting, some microfleece and PUL, changes the size to make it a really fitting pocket nappy and then snapped it...

Jacob is testing it out now before I make more. I think I need to make the front a bit higher so it lines up with the tabs. I'll call it his hipster snap.

Going back to fiddle with the pattern, again!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Clothesline of a Nappy Addict

I just done a load of washing (the first one of the day) and it is Jacobs nappies, wipes and boosters.

Having done terry flats with Montana, I decided to venture into the world of MCN's (. I didn't want to buy them though as the initial cost is a bit large and figured "Yeah I'm sure it cannot be that hard :P"). So I bought a sewing machine and some flannellette and polar fleece from Spotlight to do some cheap ones.

Easy peasy!! Now to get online and order Nappy Fabrics. <---Very, very easy, I found a website to buy from. Great service, great prices and large product range. So I have bought Minky, Microfleece and Bamboo Fleece to name a few items and started to sew....

These are all pocket pocket nappies with Minky outer, hidden layer of PUL and Microfleece inner.

The green and white are dot minky.

This white dot Minky------------------------->
Has dinosaur velcro tabs(a new thing Im trying out)

A Wallet for My Sister!

My sister has her year 7 social coming up which has a 80's Fluro theme. I'm still looking for some cheaper tulle to make her a pettiskirt but I made her this just incase the skirt doesn't get done.

The outside coloured vinyls are out of an upholstery sample booklet.

The inside. The blac
k bits hold all your cards (it doesn't show up too well in this photo)

Its my first time making a wallet so used a tutorial off the net and am very pleased with the outcome. I <3>It has holes in it everywhere and she has chewed off the snaps !!

Psycho Nutcase Nutso Dog outsmarted us once again.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Massive Mei Tai

I decided to make this baby carrier because my ring sling I used with Montana is really starting to hurt my back. So I went to Spotlight got my materials and got sewing. I waited and waited for my fabric order to arrive and got too inpatient and just went ahead and put polar fleece on the inside instead of micro fleece. (After sewing it in my order arrived!!)

I made this baby carrier HUGE. It was really easy to make but I need to tweak it abit. Jacob likes it, although its a bit hard wearing it with him because all he wants to do is feed.

Now all I need are some good photos of the little man in it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pocket Shopping Bags

What are these you say?

Well let me just explain, or should I say show you...

Now all I have to do is measure out where to sew buttonholes in the handles so the checkout people can put them on their racks infront of their plastic ones. Oh and to make heaps more.

Maybe even buy a snap press and put in some snaps so they close and groceries don't fall out on the way home.

Still patiently waiting for fabric to finish the baby carrier.

Monday, October 12, 2009

I haven't been creating for a few days because Montana, Jacob and I went and stayed at my sisters for the weekend to look after her dogs, Coco and Zeppelin while she went to work. I had a good time and it was good to do something different.

The Mei Tai baby carrier I am making has come to a standstill. I bought some polar fleece but decided not to use it and to order some Micro fleece (while I was at it I also ordered some more nappy making supplies :P) So now I am just waiting for the micro fleece to arrive so I can put it all together.

Hurry up Aust Post!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Jacobs Flag Bunting

Jacobs Flag Bunting

So here is Jacobs one also. I will admit though this one wasn't made out of scraps. I think the black looks finished.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Montanas Flag Bunting

Montanas Flag Bunting

So after reading a thread about, "what to make out of all those scrap pieces of fabric that we hoard" I was inspired by one ladies post of a bunting. Sew away I go...

Now to make Jacob one :P

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Taggie Blankie

I am unsure if I will complete any of my projects I have, to post today, so I will post a past project.

Here is a Taggie Blankie I made Jacob out of Nappy fabric scraps and ribbon...

The front is a square of lime dot minky and blue microfleece and the back is white dot minky and it has 32 ribbon tag loops. It's so soft and Jacob loves his Taggie Blankie!!!


I woke up early this morning to rain drops on the roof, I jumped up and rushed outside to wind up windows on one of the cars and happened to fall down the steps. I couldn't go back to sleep after that so I did some finishing touches to Montanas Pettiskirt......

It's hard to get a photo of it without Montana modeling it :) Its a bit shorter then her other one I made and Ruffle factor is ++++.

On another note I made this last night...

Mmmmmm cookies and cream white chocolate.

Thats it for now.......

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Starting Out

I've decided to start a blog to give a little insight on what it's like for me being a Stay at Home Mum. I hope to post on here frequently and that it is as joyful for you to view as it is for me.

Just a run down on my family, there's....

The other-half Josh (25), Tess (me, 24), my darling daughter Montana (3) and my sweetheart son Jacob (2 months).

Then there's Sherbet "Queen of the house" (Russian blue x), Sweep aka "psycho nutcase nutso dog" (Amstaff x cocker spaniel) "Big Bastard" (my tiger oscar) and Josh's 6 baby Texas cichlids.

Welcome to my family.

*edit RIP Big Bastard